5 great ways to use social media to succesfully market your orthodontic practice

Ways To Use Social Media To Successfully Market Your Orthodontic Practice

Ortho is an abbreviation for orthodontic. It is a mouth-guard accessory designed to prevent dry mouth or halitosis (bad breath). Ortho is often used in conjunction with mouth guards called over-the-counter (OTC) denture adhesives. It can also be used in conjunction with oral appliances called lingual braces.


So what is an Orthodontic Marketing Strategy?

Orthodontists are a unique group of professionals who like to talk about their work. Orthodontists like to show off their knowledge, experience, and products through public relations marketing strategies. Orthodontic marketing primarily deals with two audiences: patients and orthodontists themselves. Orthodontists use marketing strategies to build awareness of the orthodontic practice, expand market share for new services and products, promote awareness of orthodontics in the community at large, and create a professional image. Below is some information on how orthodontists can best approach this marketing strategy through social media.


How Can Twitter Help With Orthodontic Marketing?

Since social media is a popular way for doctors and patients to stay connected, many orthodontists have jumped on the bandwagon and created their microblogging websites such as Twitter accounts. Orthodontists may choose to build up a small Twitter following, and use that as a platform to interact directly with their patients. Others may choose to build a larger following and use that channel to promote their orthodontic practice and offer advice or product recommendations to their patients.


How Can Facebook Help With Orthodontic Marketing?

Facebook has become a great way for orthodontists to interact directly with their patients. Many orthodontists have large numbers of patients who are registered members of the social networking site and use it as a place to discuss orthodontic procedures and obtain feedback from their friends and family. By using Facebook as an outlet for promoting new services, articles, or any other information related to orthodontics, a great deal of patient education can be achieved.


How Can YouTube Help With Orthodontic Marketing?

If there is one highly regarded online video-sharing website that is trusted by millions of people, it is YouTube. Millions of individuals each day search for informative videos on a variety of topics and orthodontists can take advantage of that tremendous traffic by posting informative videos on their website related to their orthodontic practices. This is a relatively inexpensive form of marketing strategy that can provide immediate results as many potential patients search YouTube for relevant information when looking for dentists.


How Can LinkedIn Help With Orthodontic Marketing?

Like Facebook, LinkedIn is another highly-used social media tool that is trusted by millions of individuals each day. Millions of potential patients search LinkedIn each month for information on cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, dentists, and more. A great way to promote your orthodontic practice, a new product, or any other type of business, LinkedIn is an excellent resource that should not be ignored when creating an orthodontic marketing strategy.

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