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A Brief Outline on Software Testing

Software development is an involved process of designing, specifying, implementing, testing, documentation, and finally bug fixing involved in building and maintaining software, frameworks, or any other software products. Software products are either tangible or abstract intellectual properties used to provide a product to users. In order to produce tangible software products, the process is known as development. On the other hand, software development processes are generally concerned with the development of software products for running the business process. Such processes also include the production of large-scale software products like web servers and enterprise database management systems. It also involves the designing and building of software systems used to collect and distribute information.


As mentioned earlier, the methods of development employ different approaches. Agile methodologies use an iterative methodology that allows the creation of small programs as its output. Constant refinements and improvements make the software program better over time. agile software development methods are highly dependent on testing and bug-fixing methods. These two phases are necessary to ensure that the software produced meets the expectations of the stakeholders.

The software development process follows a systematic flow: requirement analysis, software design, software testing and continuous integration. In the requirements analysis phase, developers collect requirements from the stakeholders and analyze and evaluate them. This step includes analysis of various modeling and functionality techniques used by the software engineers. In the software design phase, the developers create a model of the end software product using several programming languages.


The next phase in the development process is software testing. This section includes various testing methods, which are commonly used by software developers. During software testing, the developers verify that the model and the programming language implemented by the software developers are correct. Software testing requires a significant amount of manual work from the programmer, because he has to check whether each requirement of the client is fulfilled by the software.

Continuous integration (CDI) is another important technique used by software development teams to produce quality software products. In this technique, the software development team uses the waterfall method while producing a software product. This method ensures that every step of the development process is done step by step with few exceptions. The other major technique used by agile development teams is the test driven development (TDD) technique. The principle of TDD is to develop software as a series of tests, which will verify the functionality of the software before it is released to the users.


Testers play an important role in the production of quality software products. They are responsible for uncovering bugs, errors, and defects in the software. Some of the popular testing methods employed by software development teams are the unit testing, integration testing, acceptance testing, and regression testing. Unit testing determines whether a software product is robust and operates properly under various scenarios; integration testing deals with the improvement of an existing software product by adding new functionality; and acceptance testing checks the usability, compatibility, and security of a software product. Regression testing is a relatively new technique that is used to test software products for usability, compatibility, and security.

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