Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction and Substance Abuse

Alcohol addiction, or an alcohol abuse disorder (AUD), can often times be hidden in plain sight. Although many people may see the signs of alcohol dependency, such as physical dependence upon alcohol, there may be other more subtle symptoms that go unnoticed. The good news is that recovery is possible from alcohol addiction and that it can be done with professional help. In addition to the many resources listed below, receiving help for alcohol addiction is simply a phone call away. There are many treatment centers that can help a person suffering from AUD recover from their addictions and get back on track with their lives.


Alcoholism is a disease that,

if left untreated, can have terrible consequences. This disease is different for everyone; however, the first step to recovery from alcohol addiction is understanding that the condition is real and that it effects the sufferer’s ability to live life to its fullest. If you know someone who needs help with an alcohol addiction, the first step is to get informed and to gather as much information as possible about this disease.


Unlike other addictions,

alcohol addiction does not usually begin with a specific substance. Instead, the disease often times begins with a person’s feelings of psychological distress. When the person develops a certain addiction, that addiction usually continues even when there is no access to another substance. The substance that develops for the person can be drugs, alcohol, food, money or sex. Understanding this disease helps individuals who suffer from it to determine which treatment method is right for them.


When people start drinking,

they usually consume large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time (at least one drink per day). Many times, drinking is followed by other unhealthy behaviors, such as drug use and unprotected sex. People who abuse alcohol sometimes develop symptoms of withdrawal if they stop drinking. However, many people who suffer from alcohol addiction do not experience withdrawal at all. Instead, they feel a sense of comfort, energy and happiness after drinking.


Drug addiction,

whether it is OxyContin or heroin addiction, is similar to alcohol addiction because there are also signs that indicate alcohol addiction. For example, the treatment program “Sins of Addiction: An Alcohol Treatment Program for the Family” is filled with beautiful pictures of beautiful, happy couples on their first date. Although drug addiction is an addiction in which the person develops physical dependency on drugs, many addicts also develop emotional dependence on the drugs. The addict develops a psychological need for the drugs. Once an individual has consumed the drugs, it becomes difficult for the individual to let go of the drugs and will often times use the drugs excessively for periods of time.


Alcoholism and substance abuse

are serious problems that impact families everywhere. There are many treatment centers available to help people recover from these problems. Many treatment programs focus on different aspects of recovery including detoxification, life skills, relapse prevention and relationship help.

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