Basic Information About Contact Lenses

Buying contact lenses is probably one of the most intimidating and time-consuming parts of becoming an optical patient. In fact, not all people who desire to treat their eye condition can afford to shell out big bucks to have the best treatment possible. However, although soft contact lenses have been known to be the safest form, they still are not all for everybody. Let me introduce the following list so that you will know whether soft contact lenses are right for you or not.


types of contact lenses are Rigid, Partially Humectic, and Translucent

Do you just want to wear soft contact lenses at home? Well, there are four major types of this category and they include the following: Rigid, Partially Humectic, and Translucent. Here is brief background information on each type so that you will know what type you are looking for when buying contact lenses.


Rigid contact lenses

Rigid is the most popular one because of its convenience and ability to provide the most comfort. This type of contact is also the priciest and it requires a prescription from your eye doctor before you can buy. This means that the whole process of buying contacts is a little inconvenient. If you do not have your prescription, you cannot get the Rigid type for now. However, as soon as you do, you will feel the difference.

Humectic contact lenses

Partially Humectic is the least expensive one in this category. As the name implies, these contacts have a minimal amount of moisture in them. This helps to keep the eyes dry during long hours of wear. Unfortunately, some people do notice that there is some mild stinging sensation sometimes when wearing this kind of lens. This is usually temporary and is nothing to worry about. However, it is always important to talk to your eye doctor before buying contact lenses of any kind.


rigid gas permeable lenses

The third type of lens is rigid gas permeable lenses. This is the most popular one used by vision correction professionals. These are considered to be some of the best soft contacts available in the market today. If you are planning to buy them, make sure to ask the retailer or the vendor about the discounts and any other privileges that they may offer you. Also, make sure to check out the website or the physical store if there is any discount code offered. When buying contact lenses, it is always best to consider all these things so that you can get the perfect ones at the best price possible.


Buying contacts can be tricky especially if you are not too used to them

It would be best to start slowly, by wearing just a few lenses at the beginning so that you can get used to the contacts and their different textures and features. Once you have gotten used to them, you might seem to have developed a very keen eye for the different varieties as well as for the different types of vision correction that are available for you out there.

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