Business Energy Consultant

Business Energy Consultants (BECs) provides a unique service to help businesses and other organizations to obtain maximum energy efficiency in their operations. Their main function is to help companies reduce their total direct costs associated with operating a business. They can do this by first identifying where energy efficient improvements can be made and then providing the necessary training and guidance to organizations to make those changes. In this article I will discuss the three types of BECs.

Business Energy

A business energy consultant might also be known as an operations consultant. This is a sub-activity of environmental consulting and focuses on optimizing the resources from which the business’s energy is derived, and the direct costs associated with operating that energy. Business energy consultants are often focused on reducing overall operational expenses, but this isn’t always their primary goal. For example, a company that develops energy efficient buildings will also provide training and guidance to owners and managers, in order to improve their understanding of the building and its impact on the environment. A sic code consultant, on the other hand, analyzes and provides information concerning compliance requirements for facilities under the National Building Code, ensuring these regulations are enforced.

Business energy consultants use many of the same techniques as environmental consultants, in order to reduce the direct costs of a business. Both types of consultants often analyze the impact of energy consumption on the environment and provide information regarding ways that a business can go about reducing its carbon footprint. The business energy consultant may suggest ways for businesses to replace energy-consuming appliances, insulate air conditioning units, or build new facilities that are more energy efficient. In many cases, these consultants will also provide training for owners and managers on ways to better control their energy consumption.


When it comes to business energy consultants, most suppliers have an established reputation and a history of providing high quality services. Many suppliers have websites that provide a wealth of information regarding the products they sell, along with contact information. In addition to contacting suppliers on the telephone or in person, obtaining information online is equally effective. When searching for potential suppliers online, however, make sure you are able to find adequate information regarding the company. If the supplier has a poor customer service record, for example, search elsewhere for your energy suppliers. Similarly, if you have questions regarding payments and discounts available to you, make sure that your potential suppliers can answer these questions.

It should be noted that business energy consultants usually do not provide direct financial assistance to businesses. If you need assistance with your energy bills, it is best to contact your suppliers directly for assistance. Business consultants can sometimes assist you with making an appointment with your suppliers and/or with reviewing your energy management plan. However, unless you contact your suppliers directly, you will not receive the full picture regarding the amount of money you can save on your energy bills. Because consultants often work with suppliers to develop an accurate assessment of your energy usage, it is impossible to give you an exact number of dollars saved. In addition, the amount of money saved may change from year to year, so it is best to contact your suppliers for your annual assessment.


There are a variety of different businesses energy consultants to choose from. If you are unable to locate a business energy consultant in your area, you can look to alternative energy consultants. Alternative energy consultants typically offer assessments and recommend specific strategies to help businesses save money on their energy costs. These consultants will also be able to provide you with details about your specific needs, such as whether or not you will require a consultant, and what kind of services you can expect from your energy-saving consultant.

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