Construction Estimating Software

Construction estimating software is the best way to determine the cost of any construction project

When planning to build a new building or remodel an existing structure, one of the biggest challenges can be estimating the cost of the project. It is difficult to do accurately and have sufficient data to successfully complete the project. Many projects have been delayed or even canceled because insufficient data or inaccurate costing caused difficulties in the project. In most cases, estimating the cost of a project without the proper software is like trying to drive a car without GPS or having a brain without a calculator. Using software that can integrate building estimating software with other tools can help give you a more accurate picture of what costs will actually be for your project.

Whether it is to build a new facility or to remodel an existing structure, there are many complex calculations that must be performed. If the software tools used do not provide accurate estimates, then the results will be inaccurate as well. STacks is a complete, web-based construction estimating software which will assist you in estimating project costs and reach your desired business goals.

estimating project costs

By utilizing the free version of STacks, you will have access to both the online and offline versions of the software. The free version will allow you to perform basic cost analysis calculations such as materials, labor, cost and schedule, with a few limitations. The free version also does not provide you with material and labor cost estimates, as these services are available in the full version. There is also no warranty or return policy provided with the construction estimating software.

The online version of the construction estimating software provides you with construction cost estimating with online tools for a number of different categories. You will be able to view your historical data, make critical cost analysis choices, and even save the information to a spreadsheet. You can import this information into the software programs for real time estimates. This is important when estimating complex projects where many variables must be considered.

It can calculate budget and materials in construction projects

The offline version of STacks construction estimating software provides many of the same functions as the online software, but only the offline version can be run directly from your own computer without installation. It can also be run on the premise of a virtual machine, on a local network or on a remote system. However, the software programs for STacks do not require you to install it on your computer, which means that there are no maintenance fees or up-front costs for using the software. The free version of STacks does require that you install the software on your computer in order to retrieve and use the software, although after that point, you are free to use the software on any system without installation required.

Construction estimating software programs are designed to help improve construction projects by allowing contractors to obtain accurate estimates. With the software, you will be able to complete detailed studies quickly and accurately. You will be able to save time and money by eliminating guesswork and by avoiding common errors and overcharges. The software programs for STacks are designed so that the user does not need any type of computer background and can immediately begin using the software programs to calculate accurate cost estimates for all kinds of projects.

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