Financial Advice

Financial Advice – How To Seek It

Financial advice should be considered an important part of investing for retirement. The earlier in life that you begin planning, the more time you have to prepare for your golden years. There are many financial advisors to assist you with creating a solid financial plan and advising on how to invest for retirement.


Financial advice

should be given by individuals, not just professionals. Ongoing professional financial advice can help pay off in several different ways. Industry research shows that sound financial advice can add up to about one percent to overall account growth over long periods. However, for some investors, a single investment option or online financial guidance tools may suffice. The important thing is not which investment advisors you choose but that you get sound advice from people who know what they are doing.


One of the most important decisions

to make when planning for your golden years is whether or not to include insurance in your investing portfolio. Most financial advice specialists will agree that there is no substitute for diversification. A strong portfolio containing stocks, bonds, precious metals like gold and silver, and other investments should be the cornerstone of any investment strategy. Some experts advocate that you stay away from insurance altogether and instead invest in professionally designed insurance policies that give you the security and fidelity that you need. Others suggest that insurance is an attractive way to protect your estate, provide adequate protection during emergencies, and provide tax advantages.


Another area

where financial advice should be given is to those who have a complex portfolio. Individual portfolios can include a wide variety of items such as certificates of deposits, money market accounts, precious metals, and bonds. Some investors find it necessary to have all these items under one roof to ensure that they do not lose their liquidity or capital. This may be especially true for people who work with a large number of accounts. However, experts warn that a complex portfolio should not be overly concentrated on one particular asset.


Good financial advice

should also be given to those investors who participate in a self-directed IRA. These individuals may choose to move some or all of their assets into this type of IRA. When they do this, they must rely on the knowledge and expertise of their IRA custodian. The best way to select an experienced, qualified, and independent custodian is to review the portfolio of a self-directed IRA custodian. In addition, financial advisors who participate in these accounts often receive periodic evaluations for their investment strategies. This information allows investors to make informed decisions regarding their retirement savings.


Another option

open to those considering retirement is to hire a financial advisor to manage the portfolio for them. In many cases, financial advisors can be paid a retainer for managing a client’s investments. This arrangement gives them access to the market throughout the year and the ability to make recommendations to clients about which investments to hold and which to pull out of the market. When considering whether to hire a financial advisor, it is important to review credentials. Many financial advisors are chartered financial planners, while others are independent contractors who conduct independent evaluations on your behalf. To learn more about finding an advisor to manage your portfolio, contact a local bank, credit union, or another lender.

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