How To Care and Maintain a Flag

Are you curious about the proper way to care for and maintain a flag? Then read on. Taking care of flags is a great way to show your patriotism and pride in your country. The best way to protect a flag is to make sure that the flag is stored in a safe place, such as inside a secured building, under a locked door, or in a flag bag. Below are some simple steps you can follow to make sure your flag is protected at all times.


All U.S. flags

should be hung from a flagpole with an American flagpole sleeve. The flag should be hoisted to the highest possible height. Never allow a flag to sink below the tree line.


It is highly recommended

that all U.S. flags have an annual patriotic service. Schedule time on either a Saturday, Sunday, or Wednesday to observe the loyal American flag. At this time, everyone can raise their flag and read the patriotic message contained on the flag. If children miss the scheduled service, let them know that they will be reminded of the ceremony. Having this type of maintenance routinely performed will help you to remember and look forward to this important occasion.


Another easy step in caring for your flagpoles

is to have them cleaned professionally. Many companies specialize in flagpole cleaning. Flag poles should be cleaned by professional companies on an annual basis. This will ensure that your flags remain in good condition and that they remain appealing to the general public.


One of the most common causes of flag pole problems is misuse.

Flag poles can become dirty from fingerprints, food, and water spills. Cleaning services will be able to thoroughly clean your flagpoles without causing any damage. It is important not to scrub the flag in an attempt to remove dirt. A professional company will simply use a special flag cleaner to clean the pole without damaging it in the process.


As with other aspects of owning a flagpole,

regular maintenance of the flagpole is vital. Flagpoles should be inspected regularly. If flags need repair due to extreme weather conditions, it is often possible to have the repairs completed for a nominal charge. Taking the time to know how to care for and maintain a flagpole will save you money in the future, and ensure your flag is an asset that is appreciated by all who see it.

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