Harassment Lawsuit – How Do I Know If I Have a Valid Harassment Lawsuit?

Harassment is defined as the conduct of a sexual nature

Harassment Lawsuits occur every day in the workplace, on the internet, and at home. Harassment is defined as the conduct of a sexual nature. It may be verbal, physical, in person, via email, text messages, or even in a situation where you are just waiting for your boss to call you. Harassment can include any type of communication that makes a person feel uncomfortable such as repeated phone calls, unreasonable requests for sex or touching, unwanted compliments, frequent comments about your outfit or physical attributes, and more. Harassment Lawsuits are filed every day all over the country because of the endless amount of abuse that is endured by victims.


file a sexual harassment lawsuit

The severity of the harassment endured and how the victim was targeted can make a huge difference in the results of a harassment lawsuit. For example, if you choose to file a sexual harassment lawsuit, the extent of the suffering you have experienced and how severe the behavior was will play a huge role in determining the results of the case. If you are being sexually harassed in the workplace, you may be able to receive monetary compensation if your attacker is a current or former employer. This can include things like medical expenses, time off from work, a decrease in productivity, humiliation, loss of wages, pain, and suffering, and more. Your lawyer will be able to assess the severity and will help determine what kind of damages you can seek.


 the severity and will prepare a comprehensive assault and harassment lawsuit

If, on the other hand, you have been the victim of a sexual assault, the severity of the attack can play a huge factor in determining the results of your Harassment Lawsuit. The severity of the assault can range from a slap on the face to something worse such as rape, murder, or even assault and battery. The severity of the attack can also be related to the way the sexual assault was perpetrated such as if the perpetrator had ejaculated on you, the more severe the trauma, the harder it will be for you to recover. Again, your lawyer will be able to assess the severity and will prepare a comprehensive assault and harassment lawsuit that will seek to hold the responsible party accountable for their conduct.


talk with a qualified attorney

To fully understand the dynamics involved when filing a Harassment Lawsuit, you need to talk with a qualified attorney who has experience in handling such lawsuits. This is not an area that you want to try to tackle on your own without a legal professional to guide you and help make your claim a strong one. While you certainly do not want to attempt to bring a claim against another individual without the help of an experienced lawyer, there are several instances where a person may feel they are capable of bringing a harassment lawsuit without a legal expert present. This is when you should seek out a qualified lawyer who is knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with cases like yours. You can visit the website below to find a qualified attorney in your area today.


the difference between “offense” and “conduct”

The first element you must prove in your Harassment Lawsuit is that the victim suffered an offensive act or conduct of a sexual nature. There is a significant difference between “offense” and “conduct”. To receive a credible harassment lawsuit, the victim must be able to show that the offensive conduct was either (a) based on a person’s actual or perceived disability; (b) conducted by a person with a demonstrated pattern of behavior; (c) have a substantial enough magnitude to create a clear and established imbalance in power or respect for the other person. Simply being subjected to offensive conduct does not mean you were subjected to offensive conduct. You will have much more success if you can establish that the other person’s conduct was objectively offensive, and in doing so, the power imbalance was indeed created.


a significant imbalance in power or respect

Secondly, it is important to establish that the offensive conduct or speech was used as a way to intentionally or repeatedly cause a significant imbalance in power or respect for the other person. Harassment Lawsuits are not limited to workplace situations, but can also apply in various other circumstances in which the victims feel subject to offensive conduct by their employers. For example, it has been proven that employees hired to clean or maintain a company building can be subjected to harassment by management officials or other employees who believe they cannot accomplish what is required of them. The same can be true for employers working in health care settings, customer service environments, educational environments, military conflicts, etc.

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