Investing in Renewable Energy – Green Options For Investors

Investing in Renewable EnergyWhen you think about investing in renewable energy, you may have a few thoughts. Most likely, you’re thinking of buying some solar panels or windmills to provide electricity for your home or other commercial building. Many investors also dream of one day becoming a millionaire by purchasing and selling gold mines. Fortunately, most people who are looking to make money off their own investments are not dreaming of these far-fetched ideas. There are several ways that an investor can profit from investing in renewable energy, and the great news is that most investors do not need a big amount of money to get started.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy investments come in a wide variety of types, with many varying return expectations. Generally, those interested in oil and gas royalties and climate change mitigation will generally not expect very high returns on their investments, but some analysts believe that there could be substantial returns. Those investors who are more conservative with their investing and would prefer smaller returns may choose to invest in bonds, stocks, or other more conservative options.

The first thing to keep in mind when thinking about investing in renewable energy is that the returns must be consistent. This means that if you purchase windmills today, you’ll only make money if they produce electricity over time. However, it’s important to note that this is different than a fossil fuels sector. A fossil fuels sector will allow you to make money even if there are no new wells drilled or no new coal fired power plants built. With a renewable energy sector, you need to be sure that you can sell your units once your current ones are finished. This is why it’s so important to research all investment possibilities so that you can choose the one that makes the most sense for your personal situation.


One way that many people are deciding to invest in renewable power is by getting into stock and private equity funds. The reasoning behind this is that these types of funds do not require as much overhead or as much research and development as some of the newer renewable power companies. With the recent economic downturn, more people have been looking for alternative methods of generating energy. Investing in stocks is often a good way for an individual to diversify his or her portfolio and is relatively low risk. Since most of the companies issuing these types of stock are publicly traded, there are many independent reports on them which you can read to get a good idea of their financial health.

Another option for those who are considering investing in green energy is to look into green mutual funds. These types of funds were designed specifically to invest in certain groups of businesses that work towards creating and promoting sustainable living. By investing in these types of funds, investors can ensure that their money is not going to simply be put into wasteful ventures. Many of these funds have been proven to create a significant positive impact on the environment and have a proven track record for success.


Finally, investors can always choose to purchase land, buildings, and the equipment needed to harness renewable energy. While this may seem like an expensive option, it can also be one of the most beneficial. There are already enough power plants, mines, and factories that run on fossil fuels in the world that there is no need to add any more to this resource. In addition, there is a limit to the amount of new fossil fuels that can be produced. By investing in such things as wind farms and solar panels, investors can ensure that their carbon footprint does not increase any further.

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