Japanese Swords – A Brief History

Japanese sword

A Japanese sword is simply one of many types of traditionally handmade swords in Japan. Before the twentieth century, samurai swords were primarily used for non-lethal purposes; however, during the Second World War, many Japanese soldiers carried these swords as a symbol of their unity with their country. The main difference between a Japanese sword and other Japanese swords is that the blade is usually flat and does not curve at all, even on antique Japanese swords. In addition, most Japanese swords are longer than daggers (the main type of weapon in Asian cultures). And, much like most Japanese words, the word for” samurai” means “warrior”.

The Japanese swords are also called Japanese katana and naginata (new swords). Many collectors prefer these swords over their traditional counterparts because they are easier to store, which is important if you plan to use your Japanese swords for a long time. These swords are traditionally made of high quality steel, but are now available in different steel styles. Some are reinforced with metal grips or have a rubberized grip.

azuchi moyama period

The Japanese swords forged in the 15th century are known as Japanese katana, which came from two different metals, either katana steel or a Japanese steel known as azuchi moyama period. Azuchi moyama period steel was used because it was the strongest during the time period. Japanese swords forged during the 16th century are known as Japanese samurai swords. They differ slightly from the katana due to a fuller guard and straight edge, which were adopted from Europe.

Historically, the Japanese Swords evolved from the Katana only after the middle ages. Masamune is believed to be the first katana. There is no definite evidence to prove this but Masamune was a personal sword of samurai warriors and it was kept in the household as a symbol of the warrior’s status. There were other swords also made during this time period such as the Wakizashi. Wakizashi means “three-claw” in Japanese. In samurai culture, there were three other types of blades, and they were the short sword, long sword and a samurai sword.

Japanese kings and emperors

The most famous sword is the Japanese katana. The name katana itself signifies “the sword of the master”. There is a museum dedicated to preserving the Japanese katana and it can be seen in the Tokyo national museum. The museum also has various swords that were kept by Japanese kings and emperors such as the Meiji dynasty. When visiting the Tokyo national museum, it is recommended that you go to the section on Collection of Japanese Swords and select the one that represents the item you want.

Now that you know a little more about these Japanese weapons, you can decide if you would like to purchase one for yourself or to gift someone who is interested in Japanese weaponry. If you are looking for a good bargain, there are some great deals available on the Internet. You can purchase a wakizashi or teach at a very good price, sometimes for half the price of an authentic Japanese sword.

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