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Life Saving Tips For Glasses

There are many life saving tips for glasses, and this article will cover a few of them. In fact, you can even make them yourself with a few simple hacks. The first one is toothpaste. Yes, it really works. Using a small piece of toothpaste and some microfibre cloth, you can repair scratches on your glasses easily. In the meantime, you can use a hot glue gun stick to create nose pads to keep your glasses from sliding down your nose.

A Strap Or Wristband

Another life saving hack for glasses is to put them on your wrists. This will help you keep them in place, even when your fingers are wringing. If you forget to put them on, your glasses will slip down your nose. A strap or wristband is an effective way to keep your glasses in place. The strap is an easy way to remove them when you aren’t wearing them. It will also help you to get them out of your pockets and out of the way when you’re walking around.

Microfiber Cloth

If you wear glasses, you must know how to properly care for them. Do not use hot water to clean them, as it can damage your lenses. Instead, use a warm, moist cloth to dry them. If you need a wipe for anti-fog, use a microfiber cloth. Avoid using hand sanitizing wipes on your glasses. These can also damage your lenses. If you’re worried that rubbing your glasses will damage your lenses, try putting some petroleum jelly on them first. It works great.

Hot Water

Another life saving hack for glasses is avoiding hot water. If you have a sensitive skin, avoid getting hot water on your face. Hot water will damage your glasses and cause them to crack or bubble. To dry your glasses properly, use a microfiber cloth. You should also avoid using hand sanitizing wipes, as they don’t work as an anti-fog solution. In this way, you can get rid of the problem without having to worry about damaging your precious lenses.

Keep Them Clean

The most common life saving hack for glasses is to keep them clean. Using a warm cloth to clean your glasses will prevent any moisture from forming on your glasses. In addition, using a soft cloth can help prevent them from getting scratched or smashed. It will also help you to avoid getting your glasses soaked in water. If you’re worried about getting your glasses wet, try using a soft microfiber cloth instead.

If you need to go to the grocery store, take them with you and then store them in a cool place away from direct sunlight. If you’re running a marathon or working out, the glasses will be in your way and you will have to move slowly. You should avoid wearing your glasses if you have an active lifestyle. It will help you run errands faster and make you more productive.

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