Personal Defense Gear

Which Ballistic Body Armor is Right for You?

Defense Body Armor is a leading manufacturer of quality personal protective equipment and accessories for those who have to rely on self-defense while on the road. Defense Body Armor is also one of the most common licensed distributors of stun guns, pepper sprays, and other self-defense devices. To improve upon their already outstanding line of products, Defense Body Armor has recently introduced a line of personal protective devices known as Personal Defense Gear.


Defense Body Armor’s Personal Defense Gear line

includes a variety of items designed to be used in conjunction with one another. The most popular items include a body armor vest and a matching pair of gloves. Defense Body Armor vests offer the same comfort and fit as other vests offered by this manufacturer. These vests are made of heavy-duty tear-resistant vinyl, making them ideal for use while traveling to gym class or a shopping trip. Most models offer front and rear adjustment straps and a hook and loop head attachment. This allows the user to choose the best size for his or her individual needs.


Another model in the Personal Defense Gear line

the Personal Defense Glove is an all-purpose glove that attaches to the individual’s person via Velcro. This glove offers a comfortable fit and the ability to withstand repeated washings. Attaching the gloving piece to the body armor vest or the person’s hand provides the added security that the individual will not be able to remove his or her protective vest or glove. The Personal Defense Glove also features an integrated emergency first aid kit that contains bandages, gauze, pain relief ointment, cotton balls, and disinfectant.


The third product in the Personal Defense Gear line

is the Defense Body Armor Shot Plates. This product is made of heavy-duty rubber and features a one-half-inch silhouette designed to mimic the weight and feel of real handgun ammunition. These plated plates are made to withstand high pressure and high temperatures and are easily removed without causing any damage. They have an expanded shape to accommodate expanding bullet impacts and an olefin exterior to resist tearing, pulling, or ripping. The expanded olefin surface is also resistant to abrasion and compression.


The last product in the Personal Defense Gear line

is the Defense Body Armor Shower Vest. This product is designed to withstand shooting over fifty feet, a level of protection that many lawyers consider to be excessive. This shower vest is made with heavy-duty tear-resistant vinyl material, has front and rear adjustment straps, a hook and loop head attachment, and an expandable olefin panel for an expandable shell cover. This shower plate also features a heavy-duty black retractable Velcro fastener to keep it secured in place and protect the wearer from any flying debris or falling objects. It also features a padded interior lining to provide maximum comfort and protection.


All of these products are made with the highest standards

of military excellence and come in multiple color choices. These products are tested and certified by the United States Army, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and National Institute of Justice to be a true measure of defense force preparedness. For over fifty years Defense Body Armor has provided law enforcement agencies, both public and military with the highest quality, realistic ballistic body armor in the world. If you want real protection for your family or business, this is the only way to go. For more information on ballistic body armor and other products, please visit our site below.

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