Reason Many People Wear Colored Contact LensesColored Contact Lenses

Prescription colored contact lenses enhance your eyesight, reduce your eyestrain or simply change or alter your eye color. They can be easily obtained and prescribed by your optometrist, ophthalmologist, or optician. These special lenses are normally worn only for cosmetic reasons and do not have any medical purpose. However, if you find that your vision has been suddenly deteriorating or you just want to change your eye color then you may need prescription colored contact lenses.


Colored contact lenses are often purchased over-the-counter

Colored contacts are usually purchased for cosmetic purposes and are not prescribed by optometrists. Most people wear these lenses to alter the color of their eyes, such as those who may have had cataracts removed. They are also worn by those who have vision problems, especially those who have problems seeing in the distance and who like the flashy effect that colored contacts can provide. Colored contact lenses are often purchased over-the-counter, but you should always ask a doctor before purchasing them.


two main categories of Colored Contact Lenses

There are two main categories of Colored Contact Lenses, regular lenses, and special occasion lenses. Regular lenses are available in a wide range of colors including green, yellow, red, brown, black, violet, blue, pink, and silver. These are available in most frames as well as disposables. You will need a prescription to purchase regular Colored Contact Lenses. For special occasions such as Halloween, these lenses are available in Halloween-themed styles, including bats, ghosts, pumpkins, witches, spiders, and monsters.


enhance their eye color and natural-looking eyes

Many people have different reasons for wearing Colored Contact Lenses. One reason is to disguise their eye colors and even make them look more natural-looking. Another reason many people wear Colored Contact Lenses is to enhance their eye color and natural-looking eyes. They may choose to wear these lenses to add a little zest or fun to their look, to enhance their eye colors, or to enhance the features of their face. They may want to use these lenses to hide the scars on their face or to enhance and brighten their eye colors to make them look more attractive.


can also be used to change or alter the iris of the eye

Although many people wear these lenses to improve or enhance their eye colors, they can also be used to change or alter the iris of the eye. The iris, located in the center of the eye, controls the amount of light that enters the eye and determines whether or not the color of the eye is apparent or not. Iridologists recommend that when one uses color-treated Colored Contact Lenses, it is best to avoid putting the lenses in for a period of time after they have been cleaned. This is to allow the Colored Contacts to take effect and to allow the iris to adjust to the color change.

While wearing cosmetic contacts of any kind is not specifically intended to alter one’s eye colors, some individuals do use these products as a way to change their eye colors to suit their mood, outfit, or even make-up needs. These people do have the right to use these products as long as they are not wearing Colored Contact Lenses to alter their eye colors. In other words, they must be using colored lenses to enhance their natural eye colors.

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