The Benefits of Renewable Energy – A Simple Guide

alternative energy sources

People have been debating the benefits of renewable energy for quite some time now. Many feel that we are way too dependent on foreign oil, which is causing a lot of problems in the world right now. It would seem to make sense that we should try to change this rather than build more factories to process oil for use in our cars. However, there are many benefits to using natural energy. First, it is much more affordable than most alternative energy sources. Second, it has been around for a long time.

The first and perhaps the most important benefit to using renewable energy is that in its name, it is renewable. It is made from the energy of the sun, which means it will never run out. Ever. The process by which sunlight is converted into electricity, known as photovoltaics, also works extremely well at producing renewable energy and so does not create a large amount of pollution while being very efficient.

fossil fuels and traditional electricity

One of the major problems with using fossil fuels and traditional electricity generation methods is that they are very high in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. Scientists have been warning us for years about the problems of growing amounts of these greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. Manmade pollutants such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and other synthetic chemicals also increase global temperatures and intensify climate change. By switching over to renewable energy and using green technologies, we can help lessen the effects of global warming. In fact, studies have shown that switching over to green technologies can cut the Earth’s temperature by up to 2 degrees, something that experts consider to be a reasonable reduction.

Another major issue regarding the effect of greenhouse gases and the effect of carbon footprints has to do with the environment. Most people are aware that increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere are a serious problem, but very few people realize that these gases act like a blanket which trap heat in the Earth’s interior. When people produce more greenhouse gases through their own actions, they are significantly warming the planet.

climate change

By switching to renewable energy, people help lessen the impact of greenhouse gases and climate change. But switching to green technology alone will not be enough to save the Earth from climate change. We need to work much harder in our day-to-day lives to make sure that we lead an environmentally and socially responsible lifestyle. This will involve changing many of our consumer behaviors including recycling, reusing supplies, conserving electricity, and purchasing products that are energy efficient and low in carbon emissions. These efforts will go a long way to significantly reduce the Earth’s temperature and help fight climate change.

So while there is no single solution which will solve every individual home’s electricity woes, there is hope that renewable sources of energy can be developed quickly and dramatically. In the long run, our planet will be well served by using clean renewable sources of electricity, rather than the harmful fossil fuels that are polluting our air and water today. But the biggest advantage of making the switch to clean energy is simply that your carbon footprint will be significantly reduced. Just think about how big the carbon footprint is for the car you drive every day!

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