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Types of Infant And Toddler Toys

The best baby toys engage infants to play, explore, and interact naturally with their surroundings. They help children become more socially adept and learn to communicate, among many other things. Whether it is plush dolls, wooden bears, interactive teddy bears, or mini-robots, toys which have been specifically made for infants help children develop into healthy, active individuals. As we all know, babies do not talk yet, but that will come in time. They will also learn through their interaction with these toys how to talk – which is important for their mental development.


When choosing toys for your newborn, it is very important that you keep this principle in mind: choose something which stimulates play and curiosity in your toddler. These should be toys that engage a toddler’s curiosity about the environment and what is around him or her. You can then help your child through his or her development by helping him through his or her interactions with the various toys. And considering the fact that most toddlers develop faster than older children, choosing toys that stimulate their different senses is advisable.

If you are looking for a good development booster for your infant, then the Infant to Toddler Lovefilm is an ideal choice. Since infants do not speak yet, they are not yet able to read. By watching videos with them, you can teach them to comprehend the pictures and sounds, as well as understand how language works. In this way, they will be able to communicate with you even before they learn to speak.


Toys for babies are available in all shapes, colors, sizes, and materials. You can select from soft toys, which are easy to cuddle and carry, hard toys for crawling, those for climbing, those for playing and those which are interactive. In general soft toys are more preferable than hard ones because infants’ fingers are very small at the beginning when they start crawling, and they do not have yet developed their grasping skills yet. Babies need to be able to use their hands to hold on to these things, and once they start to have bigger hands, it is a must that they be able to manipulate these things in order for them to do anything with it. Thus, it is a better choice to choose soft toys rather than hard ones for your first six months of babies’ life.

Toys which are age-appropriate are also helpful for infants. At the first few months of babies, there is still a lot of development in their brains. Thus, age-appropriate toys to help them grasp tasks much easier and can help them progress much faster than the other types of toys.


There are many different textures and materials available for different ages of infants and toddlers. However, you may not know which materials are best for your baby. It is important that you purchase toys that are made from safe materials and which can provide some stimulation for your little one. Toys made from wood and metal, for example, can provide babies with different textures, which can help them to grasp things and can make them happy. Also, different textures can help them distinguish between different toys, and this can improve their ability to learn.

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