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Uses of Custom Water Bottles

When you think of all the advertising that is out there, it may be an extreme challenge to have your ad seen, but if you give away custom water bottles with your company’s logo on them, you literally put your name in the hands of the next potential customer. So, what are some of the best ways to utilize custom water bottles? Well, for one, giving them away as a free trial makes great promotional advertising for your company. Give away some for testing and being able to gauge the effectiveness of the product, and see how well your customers respond.

Putting a company logo

Just like with the custom water bottles, this can be an effective as well as a cost-effective promotional product since you are giving them away for free, and there will be no cost to you for the brand imprint. The next time people use your product, they will see your company logo and your brand imprint, which will jog their memory about your product and services. This method of using custom water bottles as a marketing tool has been used by many companies over the years and continues to be an effective way to promote a business.

Ideal for promotional events

Custom water bottles are also a great idea for introducing new products or services to the market and getting the name of your company out there to consumers. There are so many uses for custom water bottles including holding information about your company, logo, and even keeping track of customers with a barcode. All of these things make custom water bottles a great promotional product that will help your brand to gain exposure to consumers, increasing your customer base.


Whether you choose to distribute your logo on custom water bottles as giveaway gifts or use them as part of a larger promotional giveaway campaign, or you’re just using them for distribution at conventions or trade shows, the overall effect is one of branding that you want to be remembered by your audience. If your audience sees your logo every day or sees it on a product that they use every day then they associate your brand with that product. Branding is a powerful tool and can make a big impact on people’s thinking. Just imagine how much better your business will do if you have a recognizable, trusted logo that is consistently used.

Promotional Marketing Plan

People love to wear clothing, and people love to show off their sense of style. You can create great-looking t-shirt designs that will be distributed to your target audience, and they’ll love to show them off at events. Custom t-shirt designs can come in all shapes and sizes and can come in colors that will match your branding colors, and help you create some truly unique t-shirt designs that will help attract attention. If you want to add a fun element to your marketing efforts, and you have an awesome design team that is also capable of producing other affordable marketing strategies, then incorporating custom t-shirt design to your overall promotional strategy is something that can help boost your brand and increase your brand visibility.

Affordable marketing strategies

If you’ve already got a logo that you want to use on these custom water bottles to promote your brand or service, then it makes sense that you should consider printing that logo on the bottles as well. It’s important that you get your logo on the water bottle so that your customer can associate your company with quality, dependable bottled water, and you’ll be branding your company in a very affordable, and unique manner that’s sure to be appreciated by your customers.

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