What Can I Get at a Dental Clinic?

dental clinic

There are several types of dental clinics. There are dental offices and there are dental practices. A dental office may consist of one or more dental departments such as orthodontics, dentistry, periodontics, and prosthodontics. Many dental practices are part of larger institutions including colleges or universities.

Dental Clinic

A private dental clinic is formally any place where dental treatments are rendered privately. But most of the time, when you read that term used, you would likely think of a private practice. A private practice is typically associated to a university graduate or college student while a dental clinic is generally associated to a family dentist or affiliated with an associated dentist office. The difference is that a private practice can have additional dental treatments than would be provided by a family practice, for example, surgery for cavity filling and root canal therapy. A dental office does not offer this added service, and the office may be able to perform these extra services because of existing relationships with other providers. This means that if a person had a tooth pulled that needed dental work, the office could recommend a licensed orthodontic to help take care of it.

There are also differences between public and private dental clinics. Public clinics are generally run by general practitioners (doctors who specialize in treating all kinds of patients). This means that they treat patients without much personalization and discretion. For example, you may see a pediatric dentist who works at a children’s hospital. Pediatric dentists would likely treat you as if you were a child because that is what he or she does. In contrast, a public dental clinic may allow you to choose among dentists whom you feel most comfortable with based on personal referrals.


Private dental clinics, on the other hand, are run by a licensed medical doctor who focuses on offering personalized treatment. They are not as influenced by insurance costs as hospitals are. Many people who visit such dental clinics are interested in getting their teeth fixed quickly so that they can go about doing their day to day activities without having to worry about costly treatments. The dental clinic will often have its own oral health professionals who are highly trained and capable of providing personalized care.

Perhaps the biggest difference between dental clinics and private practices lies in the types of dental services that are offered. In a public practice, a wide range of dental services may be offered, but because they are generally covered by insurance, you may be encouraged to choose them over more expensive options. With a private practice, the treatment options are likely to be limited. Most dental clinics will only accept certain procedures, like root canals, bridges, and dentures, as well as certain types of dental fillings. You may also find yourself told to choose a specific treatment method over another.


Some dental clinics, such as the one in Santa Monica, do not use dental offices at all. Instead, the majority of procedures that are performed are done in the dental office or by private practitioners. Some of these may include sedation dentistry, in which the patient does not need to be sedated in order to have dental treatments; crowns and caps, which are placed on the teeth in order to make them look whiter and less crooked; and Invisalign, which is a mouth-centered alignment system that allows you to get the best out of your teeth without wearing braces or making any permanent changes to your teeth. These are some of the most common dental treatments, which can be performed in either an office or by private dental practitioner in Santa Monica.

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